Service Schedule

When will your cleaning team arrive to clean?

Our cleaning technicians clean during the day from 8:15 AM – 5:30 PM – each home is assigned a time during the day for cleaning. Our teams do their very best to stick as closely to those start times as possible; however, the arrival time may vary slightly due to things such as traffic, or if our team finds they need to spend a little longer at a certain home to handle a special request. 

If you require a definite starting time for our team members, we would be more than happy to talk about possible solutions such as making your scheduled cleaning the first appointment of the day.

Is there anything I should do before you arrive to clean?

Nice of you to ask – yes, it can help our team if you pick up or put away any clothes, children’s toys or other items before we arrive, this way the team can focus the time assigned for your house solely on cleaning. It is also appreciated if you could make sure your pet (if you have one) is safe and secure before our cleaning team arrives. 

What if I can't be home when your team members arrive to clean?

This is very common. That’s why many of our clients decide to provide us with a key and a code if they have an alarm system for their home. All keys are securely marked and controlled to maintain your security. 

This arrangement works very well and allows us to access your home to clean at the appropriate day and time. If you do not provide us a key, and you are not home to let our team members in at their scheduled cleaning time, a lock-out charge may be applied.

What if I need to reschedule or skip my regular cleaning?

We realize that life gets busy and sometimes things happen requiring you to move things around. We ask that you please let us know at least 48 hrs. in advance, so we can change our team member’s schedules or arrange for an alternative time and date for your cleaning.

What about holidays?

We’ll call well in advance of any of those nationally recognized holidays to arrange for a better day and time. Speaking of the holidays, be sure to let us know if you are ever in need of extra cleaning in advance of a family get together, dinner or party – we’re here to help. 


When is payment due? How should I pay?

For recurring services, payment is due on your regularly scheduled cleaning day. We offer the following options for payment: auto-billing, and card payment via invoice. Many of our customers find it easiest to leave a card on file and be automatically billed after each service. For your protection all payments are secured, only the last 4 digits of the card are visible, To sign up for this option simply let us know your card information. 

If you don’t wish to be auto-billed, you have the option to be invoiced and pay by card. To pay by credit or debit card, we will email an invoice to you at the end of each service. Simply click the link in the invoice to be taken to your client hub, where you can enter your card details. 

All payments are due within 24 hours of the cleaning. If payment is not made within 24 hours, you agree to allow us to charge your card on file. Any payments past due for the amount equivalent to two services will incur late fees, as well as automatically remove you from schedule until the account is pain in full. 

For initial and one time cleanings, the following applies:

Credit or debit cards will be charged the full amount at time of booking. Cancellations will be accepted with no fee if made 72 hours or more in advance of the scheduled service date. Any cancellations of 72 hours or less will be charged 50% of the total cost. 


Who provides the cleaning chemicals and equipment?

Our teams are equipped with the best products & equipment available to professionally clean all areas and finishes of your home. If you would prefer a specific product to be used or if you have any allergies or fragrance sensitivities, please let us know. 


Are you insured? What if something gets broken?

While our teams are trained on proper cleaning procedures and pride themselves in being careful, if anything were to get broken as the result of something one of our team members did while cleaning they will report it and we will address it as soon as possible to either repair or replace it – and because all of our team members are insured, we would file a claim whenever necessary to help resolve the situation. 

If you would like, we would be glad to send you a certificate showing our insurance is complete and up-to-date. MAID2CLEAN LI will furnish all forms of insurance required by law and shall maintain the same in force. 

  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation


Are you insured? What if something gets broken?

MAID2CLEAN LI is committed to delivering professional cleaning service, one of the highest quality and reliability. 

We bring together the best people, most effective methods, highest quality supplies and latest equipment to deliver on this commitment. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

If after we clean, you notice a mistake, or simply anything you believe does not meet the standards for exceptional quality we promise, just let us know within 24 hours and if we determine your complaint is a valid mistake, we will come out and re-clean it for free. Our #1 goal is to provide all of our clients with quality services which will provide them with healthier and more peaceful environments to live and work in.

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